Filix Winner of the 2023 Spark Program

✨ 🏆 Arian GREVA and Etienne MOREAU were received yesterday at the Elysée for the launch of the #ETIncelles 2023 program.

The sparks program is an initiative of the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron whose ambition is to best support SMEs that have the potential and the will to become #ISEs by identifying administrative obstacles to their growth to better lift them and as soon as possible.

The #sparks program was officially launched on November 21, 2023 by integrating 50 new companies that are champions of our territories and representative of the wealth of our economy.

Filix is a winner and is one of the 50 SMEs (including 2 other Normandy) to benefit from the ETINCELLES scheme.

The aim of the spark device is simple: to make the relations of the companies of the program as fluid as possible with all the services of the State by removing any administrative blockages and thus make them grow.

This system that FILIX will benefit from is clearly the recognition of the know-how of all FILIX employees and our export strength. Let’s all be proud to be part of this promotion.