Concerned about its impact on the environment, Filix has established eco-responsible requirements in its factories:

  • Our yarns are all Oeko-Tex certified, and are all produced in compliance with REACH regulations.
  • Filix is GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified. This textile standard control and guarantee the recycled content of a product.
  • Use of sustainable raw materials.
  • GRS certified winding oils.
  • Sorting of cardboard, plastic and paper waste. Waste is recycled and recovered.
  • Chemicals collection.
  • 2020: Construction of new Filix head office: modern building equipped with a low consumption heating system.

4 sustainable categories already developed :

Recycled elastic covered yarns

  • Pre-consumer recycled polyamide (from 10D) + pre-consumer recycled elastane (from 15D)
  • Post-consumer recycled polyester (from 15D) + pre-consumer recycled elastane (from 15D)
*GRS certified raw materials

Easy-recyclable elastic covered yarns

  • Polyamide + TPU elastane (from 20D) => recycled into granules ready to extrusion
  • Polyester + TPU elastane (from 20D) => recycled into granules ready to extrusion

Bio-based elastic covered yarns

  • Polyamide 10.10 (from 20D) + bio-based elastane (from 20D)
  • Polyamide 11 (from 20D) + bio-based elastane (from 20D)

Biodegradable elastic covered yarns

  • Biodegradable polyamide (from 20D) + biodegradable elastane (from 20D)
  • Biodegradable polyester + biodegradable elastane (from 20D) – available soon
*C2C certified raw material